Craft a compelling promotion to maintain momentum
between pivotal events: game day, spring, and summer, all while amplifying sales conversion. Address the challenge of managing heightened demand, especially in the wake of COVID-19's onset in March 2020.

We launched a robust initiative for National Ranch Month 
2021. Users were encouraged to immerse themselves in a Ranch-centric experience featuring exclusive content and gamified challenges that promised enticing rewards, making the month a standout for Ranch aficionados.

Throughout this period, our dedicated hub highlighted different Ranch themes each week. Collaborations with handpicked in-store partners presented tantalizing Ranch pairings, emphasizing the flavor's adaptability. National Ranch Month wasn't merely a tribute to Ranch's distinctive flavor; it served as an open invitation for enthusiasts to engage actively, and potentially reap daily rewards.

In my capacity as design leadership, I steered the campaign ecosystem's strategy and direction. This involved overseeing a myriad of visual assets generated and produced by the internal team from, spanning from creative content creation to digital production.

This encompassed a range of visuals assets, from campaign strategy and site optimization. I collaborated with a cross-functional team; product teams, copy writers, UX designers, engineers, strategist, account directors, external vendors and marketing partners. My collaboration extended to a diverse cross-functional team, including product, copywriters, UX designers, engineers, strategist, accounts directors, photographers, stylist external vendors, and marketing partners. 

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